The Corner Fridge –

The Ideal Solution to Household Food Wastage

There’s little wonder that in these waste conscious times that food wastage is a subject

that’s high on everybody’s agenda and rightly so when you consider that

as much as £15 billion worth is thrown away each year!


As recent press articles have pointed out, there are huge variations in ‘use by dates’ between seemingly

similar products on the supermarket shelves; it’s not unusual for differences to extend

to months rather than weeks or days.

Skeptics amongst us might suggest it’s all a ruse on behalf of the supermarkets and food manufacturers to get us to purchase more often.


Whatever the truth might be, one thing is certain –most households waste food,

throwing it away because it’s no longer fresh.

This is often a result food being tightly packed within a refrigerator resulting in it either being starved of the very necessary air circulation it requires or not allowing us to notice it before it’s too late.


Furthermore, many of us risk illness due to our lack of knowledge on how to store certain foods correctly.

For example; jams and preserves are generally best kept in a pantry or cupboard since

conventional refrigerators encourage mould whilst items like tomato ketchup or

brown sauce should ideally be refrigerated;

hands up how many of you have been getting that the wrong way around?


However, ‘The Corner Fridge’ answers many of the above issues.

Besides acting as one convenient central store for all your food produce; a result of its

capacious 1,300 litre interior utilising just one square metre of floor space,

The Corner Fridge affords you the extra shelf space that prevents air pockets between produce

allowing air to freely circulate. This allows food to stay fresher for far longer.

The fact that you can readily see all produce, at a glance, means that you are far less likely to overlook

food items, making use of them whilst they are fresh or within date.


With internal house temperatures on the rise, due to ever more efficient heating systems and

heat saving measures, items that some of us have traditionally stored in a pantry cupboard,

like cheeses or eggs, ideally now need to be refrigerated too. This of course impacts further

on the already tight constrains of a conventional refrigerator.

However, this isn’t the case with the interior of The Corner Fridge which swallows such items with ease

freeing up worktops, shelves and cupboards.


It’s not just food waste that The Corner Fridge helps prevent.

Its ‘A’ rated status means that its super energy efficient whilst it’s capacity means that one large shop is possible

instead of the usual several trips to the supermarket – saving you both time and money.


For further information: www.cornerfridge.com