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Flower Fridge


Flower Fridge has been designed specifically for florists who want to keep their flowers in tiptop condition.  Florists know the importance of keeping flowers cool and the water they stand in as fresh as possible.  A reliable temperature-controlled storage area is essential for supplying perfect produce to their customers.

Flowers ‘drink’ through their petals as well as their stems, which is where climate-controlled storage space in a Flower Fridge really makes a difference. The technology used to maintain a constant temperature and correct humidity levels inside the fridge makes it perfect for storing and/or displaying flowers.  It is also a wise investment for traders and retailers who need their business to run smoothly and for their produce to be given maximum shelf life 24/7.

For made-to-measure Flower Fridges or rooms, call us now on 01302759308 for help and advice.  Alternatively, click here to complete a Flower Fridge Quote RequestTailored designs and quotations are ready within 2 working days.

Due to the nature of this product, delivery may take different forms.  Please call us for a quote – we have dedicated delivery contractors that we trust to deliver your product safely or we will deliver if you also book us to install the fridge at your location.

LEASING is available for trade customers, spreading the cost allowing you to have the equipment you really need with the added benefits of tax relief.  Example: The largest flower fridge listed below (£8,848 exc. VAT) would only cost around £195 per month over 5 years. Click here to ask us for a formal quote now and we’ll get back to you next working day.


You can design your Flower Fridge with glazed doors, double doors, and doors in different walls. You also have a ‘split unit’ cooler option to give silent operation, and it can also allow your Flower Fridge to be located in areas that may otherwise not be suitable.

The fridge is constructed from superior insulation materials and refrigeration units using leading technology.  These essential components give you optimum performance, energy efficiency and low running costs.

Shelving, although seemingly mundane, is extremely important when you need to display produce for maximum effect.  The steel powder-coated rail, bracket and shelf system makes changes quick and easy.  The quality design and manufacture of the shelf components means that assembly and re-assembly remains stable and secure time after time.


  • Flowers and floral displays last longer.
  • Less produce wastage; better financial return.
  • Glazed doors allow flowers to be displayed at their best at all times, presenting a professional and quality product.
  • The Flower Fridge or Cold Room can be designed and built to suit your exact requirements.
  • Shelving is easy to adjust, allowing for more creativity with floral displays and optimising storage space.
  • The exterior cabinet finish is perfect for branding and marketing materials.
  • Competitive pricing (wholesale prices).
  • Quality materials for enduring good looks and minimal wear and tear.
All Corner Fridge appliances, Corner Fridges and Cold Rooms, are sold with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee (UK mainland only).

With a ‘no quibble’, two year electrical/mechanical fault guarantee (UK mainland only), our products are engineered to offer many years of service and reliability.  In the unlikely event of a problem with your appliance, all it takes is one phone call and your appliance will be up and running again in a very short space of time.

Sounds and noises from your appliance

With the introduction of eco-friendly gases in modern fridge units, the design of refrigeration systems has undergone changes to accommodate these new gases. As a result, there are instances where sounds emitted by newer fridges, particularly those purchased since around 2019, may appear to be more noticeable, and gurgling noises may occur more frequently. However, this is completely normal, and as users become accustomed to it over a week or two, it becomes like any other familiar household sound in the background.

If you have any concerns about the noises, you notice coming from your Corner Fridge product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +44 1302 759308. Our team will be happy to address your concerns and provide reassurance.

** Please note that replacement units and spare parts are sold with 12 months guarantee**

For made-to-measure Flower Fridges or rooms, call us now on 01302 759308 for help and advice.  Alternatively, click here to complete a Flower Fridge Quote RequestTailored designs and quotations are ready within 2 working days.