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Grocery shopping – what’s changing? Mindsets or Habits?

Grocery Shopping – what’s changing?

We are writing this article as the UK faces the possibility of a second lockdown in 2020, when nearly half the shopping population of the UK have changed their shopping habits.  We are no longer driving to supermarkets and pushing trollies, we are ‘driving’ apps and opening the door for the delivery driver.  And we all know how hard it is to break a habit, especially when we perceive there to be more pros than cons, and it makes life comfortable for us.

Grocery shopping online is now being embraced by many of us who were probably thinking about trying it, but just hadn’t got round to it.  A fear of the unknown perhaps, and a fear that horror stories and negative reviews would become a reality.  Once tried however, it becomes forever loved, (by most).

The BIG players are making more effort

The major supermarket chains are upping their game, M&S and Amazon Fresh are new players for online groceries. Waitrose is well-liked for a very easy to use site, Morrisons also includes school uniforms for children, and Iceland is enjoying a resurgence in popularity of frozen food.   Tesco has no minimum spend, Ocado has an enviable selection of branded goods, and ASDA remains typically great value for money.  Sainsburys takes the prize for being the most environmentally-friendly for not using plastic bags and offering a delivery option of when ‘the van is in your area’.

It’s all about choice until we reach a point where a critical mass is reached and certain goods and services fade into distant memory.  They are replaced by a digital version or something at the opposite end of the scale which is totally organic and available for only a select few.

Is it a case of ‘watch this space’?  At this point in time, we think it is.

One thing is for sure though, humans need to eat wholesome and fresh food, no matter how the goods were selected, purchased and delivered.  Those goods need to be stored to preserve freshness, before being prepared as nutritious meals.  Why do we want nutritious meals?  Because we want good health.  It’s not rocket science.

Getting a return on your grocery spend

Pantries, the beloved cool dark places from yesteryear, were already making a come-back in kitchen design and house renovation projects before we experienced life in a pandemic.  And for good reason. Keeping food in centrally heated kitchens, is hardly keeping food ‘cool’ and in good condition, not to mention the variable temperatures of a busy family kitchen.  Roasting the Sunday joint, lighting the AGA or forgetting to close the back door is going to give your central heating and thermostatic valves something of a headache.  A dedicated super-sized, air-cooled fridge, pantry or walk-in larder fridge, is really going to look after your groceries and ingredients.  The dry, steady, cool and preserving temperature, ensures you get a great nutritional return from your shopping, meal prep and cooking.

It cannot be denied, air-cooled cold storage in the form of a super-sized pantry, larder, or fridge such as the Corner Fridge, can have a direct and positive impact on your health, as well as your pocket, leisure time and stress levels.  What’s not to like?