The Corner Fridge Brochure 2020 is hot off the press!

‘So what..?’ you might think, well, if you didn’t know already…

The latest re-structured Corner Fridge Brochure for 2020 is ready to view – a great reference for Kitchen and Interior Designers, Architects and Self-Builders.  The Corner Fridge by Corner Fridge Company Ltd was launched in January 2001 and has been the only air-cooled corner fridge on the market in the UK ever since.  Alongside this unique product, working with engineering partners in Norway, a range of integrated and stand-alone pantries and walk-in-larder-fridges have been designed and optimized for both domestic and commercial use.

Corner Fridge products are not mass-produced, they are niche products manufactured to order and built on location. This gives complete flexibility for customers to have fridges, pantries or larders, made to measure, to suit their needs perfectly.  The Corner Fridge Company can even do angles and corners (see the diagram for the under-stairs larder fridge below), an option that many other cold-room providers just don’t offer.

The latest version of the Corner Fridge, the A+ Energy Rated Corner Fridge, was launched in 2019. It is the only one of it’s kind on the market in the world and demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and review of the technology and engineering being used in our products.

Corner Fridge Interior

It is also worth noting, that cabinetry for integrated products has been sized for accepting standard-sized kitchen furniture panels. Having a Corner Fridge or Integrated Pantry in your kitchen poses no issues at all for designers or kitchen fitters.  If you have a particular style, then Corner Fridges are very easy to encase or build-around – look at this fabulous handcrafted modernist-inspired kitchen with a Corner Fridge completely encased in a quarter circle!  A unique design by Jake Reilly Furniture, co-designed by Rex Johnson Design Ltd.

We invite all architects, kitchen designers and interior designers to have a really good look at the Corner Fridge Company Brochure 2020 and get in touch with us. Getting to know us, our services and products, can open up a whole new world of temperature-controlled storage solutions you can offer your clients. No one else in the UK does what we do, we are UK sole distributors for everything we sell and have our own team of engineers who know our products inside out.

Apologies for an over-used expression, but here goes – ‘Discover a whole new world of BIG fridges and Walk-In Larders’.

Download your copy now or email info@cornerfridge.com and we’ll send you a copy in the post.

Corner Fridge Company Brochure 2020