How can I purchase a Corner Fridge?

The Corner Fridge can be purchased online, just click here.  Alternatively, you can call us on 01302 759308 to have a chat with us and pay over the phone.

Is the fridge easy to install, can I do it myself?

Yes, you can install a Corner Fridge yourself.  The component parts require no specialist knowledge, but care must be taken to follow each step correctly, particularly when it comes to fitting and sealing the door frame and the door.

You can download the installation and user guide beforehand so you can see what is involved before you make your decision.  There is also an info movie on the movies  page here.

A guide is included with every delivery.

If you have any questions or need assistance during installation, please call us on 01302 759308.

How much does the Corner Fridge cost?

Please click here for the most up to date information about the Corner Fridge, price, delivery and VAT.

Is it easy to fit the kitchen furniture?

Yes. Integration of your Corner Fridge or Cold Room is made easy with the dimensions of the doors and sides corresponding to a standard 60cm wide tall cupboard. Simply order your matching panels from your kitchen supplier. Then screw from the inside of the fridge to attach the panel. This will not damage the working of the fridge because of the construction of metal and foam.

We have produced detailed build instructions to help with the installation.

There are build instruction leaflets for the Corner Fridge and Cold Room. You can download these publications from the download page of this website or the individual product’s information page.

We are also happy to support your kitchen designer and kitchen fitters with any queries they may have.  Just hand them our phone number and ask them to call us!

Is VAT included in the online prices shown?

Yes, VAT is included in the online prices.

What about delivery costs?

Delivery of all NEW products is free to mainland UK addresses to the ground floor.  This is confirmed at the time you make your purchase online, or if we are taking your order over the phone.

Non-UK Mainland deliveries may incur additional charges.  

We will do our very best to accommodate special delivery requirements, but they may incur additional charges.

Call us on 01302 759308 for advice, information and a quote.


What about installation?

You have two options when it comes to installing The Corner Fridge.

  1. You can install it yourself
  2. You can ask us to install it for you

The Corner Fridge is delivered complete with installation instructions and telephone support.  This offers you the flexibility of arranging your own installer, carrying out the work yourself, or asking us to install the fridge for you.

If you would like one of our engineers from Corner Fridge Ltd to install it for you, then please contact us on 01302 759308 for a quote.

The installation and user guide is available to download from the ‘Downloads’ page, and our info-movies are available in the ‘Videos’ section under the ‘Information’ tab. 

All our customers are always welcome to call us on the number above for advice before, during and after installation.

What if I wish to cancel my order?

You, as the consumer have the right to cancel any product purchased up to 7 days after the delivery of the goods.

To obtain a full refund the products must be returned unused and in their original packaging.

What is the average lead time on a Corner Fridge?

Delivery will usually be within 30 days of acceptance of the order.

Do you export the Corner Fridge?

Yes, this can be arranged with an extra cost for the delivery.
Please contact us by calling us on 03333 702 547 or by emailing us at info@cornerfridge.com.

You can also contact us direct with your desired location of delivery and we can confirm the delivery costs.

What about additional shelf options?

The Corner Fridge comes complete with 4 metal grid shelves, with microbial coating.

If you are ordering your first Corner Fridge, we suggest that you live with it for a little while before ordering an extra shelf.  99% of our customers find that 4 shelves (plus the floor of the fridge) are perfect for access and storage.

Rest assured though, additional shelves for your fridge can be ordered anytime by calling us on 01302 759308.

How much noise do the fridges make?

Noise levels are extremely low.  For example, the Corner Fridge is scientifically measured at around 40dB one metre from the door, when the refrigeration unit (compressor) is running.  It measures around 28dB when the unit is in ‘standby’ mode.

With the introduction of the latest eco-friendly gases for use in refrigeration appliances, it is possible that gurgling sounds may become more noticeable or frequent from time to time. This is mainly due to the thinner viscosity of the ‘greener’  refrigerant which is constantly changing from liquid to gas during the cooling process and is perfectly normal.

For near-silent operation, ask us about the installation of a ‘split-unit’ in a custom-build Corner Fridge.