In the unlikely event that your appliance develops a fault, you can rest assured that with one simple telephone call, your appliance will be up and running again within a short space of time.

If your fridge is within warranty, simply phone 03333 702 547 for assistance and the speedy repair of your appliance.

If your fridge is out of warranty, we have engineers throughout the country who have been trained in the installation and repair of your appliance. To find an engineer near you, please contact us on the above number, or 01302 759708.

For fridges with a vertical refrigeration unit, we have the following downloadable documents, which may be useful:-
There are some circumstances, beyond our control, when excess condensation produces a water leak, or the unit is dripping water. 

Please read this trouble-shooting guide carefully to see if you can resolve the situation yourself without having to call an engineer.  If you still need assistance, call us on 01302 759308.


Corner Fridge Trouble-Shooting Guide