The Corner Fridge


The Corner Fridge offers an incredible amount of storage space, using innovative materials so it can be fully integrated with new and existing kitchens.

Split Unit

The Corner Fridge offers a unique ‘split’unit’ option, where the cooled conditioned air outlet is in the fridge,as normal, but the refrigeration unit itself can be located elsewhere in the premises (within approximately 25 meters of the fridge.) This allows the fridge to be installed and accessible in areas where installations may not otherwise be possible, and it also means the fridge is extremely quiet. This is an incredibly useful feature for special conditions.

When ordering your fridge, please choose between the ‘Compact’ unit (the regular unit) or the ‘Split Unit’

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In just 1m² of kitchen you have the equivalent capacity of five standard fridges (or approximately twice the capacity of American style refrigerators). The Corner Fridge has almost 1200 litres of perfectly air-conditioned storage space to store fresh food, drink and dry ingredients, keeping them fresher for longer.

What does this mean for you?

You can save space, time, money, energy and stress because the Corner Fridge utilises one of the most awkward storage spaces in your kitchen and you can see at a glance what you have in your fridge and what needs topping up.  Food stays fresher for longer so you throw less food away and you don’t need to go shopping quite so frequently.  On top of this, the fridge has an A+ energy rating and because your food and drink is stored more tidily, you have more cupboard space in your kitchen to organise other aspects of your lifestyle.

More good reasons to choose Corner Fridge:

  • Largest Volume Fridge
  • Lowest sound levels in it’s class
  • Lowest energy consumption in it’s class
  • Choice of a Compact or Split Unit
  • ‘Easy View’ spacious shelving
  • Perfect environment to store a vast range of food and drink
  • ‘Easy reach’ space for storing prepared dishes
  • Less time spent shopping
  • Bacteriostatic walls, floors and ceiling
  • Only 1m² of floor space needed
  • Available as a Stand-alone Fridge (customer to provide decor panels)

Key Features at a Glance

  • A+ Energy Class
  • Outstanding 1200 litres of capacity
  • Temperature range 3 – 12 °C
  • Variable thermostat
  • Easily adjustable Internal chrome shelves
  • Adjustable Plastic door shelves
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Self-tuning technology for optimum performance.
  • White FoodSafe, scratch resistant interior finish
  • Easy to integrate into any kitchen
  • Door can be left or right hinged
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Easy to clean Charcoal filter
  • Choice between compact or split unit
  • Corner Fridge can be supplied with any dimensions to suit your needs, contact us for details.
  • Two year guarantee in United Kingdom

Technical information for the Corner Fridge:

  • Height; 1948 + Base
  • Depth; 583 (left side 577, right side 573 + 40 air duct)
  • Width; 1005 from each corner
  • Sound level; 36dB / 28dB
  • Power consumption; 215 Kwh/Annum
  • Cooling agent; R600a
  • Cooling capacity; 390 W
  • Insulation 54mm polyurethane
  • Inverter-controlled Compressor
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Infinitely variable thermostat


The Corner Fridge and Cold Rooms are made up of prefabricated cooling room elements, with excellent insulation properties. The walls, floors and ceiling have a surface that resembles Teflon and is known as ‘food-safe’. Food-safe steel can withstand high wear and tear over a long period of time. It is recommended by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority as it inhibits bacteria and is very easy to clean. The shelves in the Corner Fridge are stable, safe and fully adjustable. You can use steel pans on them without them getting scratched or fading.


You have the option to install a Corner Fridge or a Corner Fridge Cold Room yourself. Installation guides are available from the Download page and we strongly recommend a suitably qualified engineer in engaged to do the installation for you.

If you would like Corner Fridge engineers to install for you simply contact us for a quote.

What they say about Corner Fridge…

“I think my Corner Fridge is wonderful and I really love it. I show it to everyone that comes round and they think it’s great. The Corner Fridge acts as a fantastic larder; I can store my dry goods in it and can re-use the cupboard space for other things in my kitchen. The larder facility is a huge plus factor and my friends just can’t believe that biscuits don’t go soggy!”

Dina Palmer, TREHARRIS



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