Build your own Cold Room

When looking at building your own Cold Room then here at Corner Fridge Company we can help. We can provide everything from the Wall Rail to Shelves and LED Light with Motion Sensors all the way through to the Cold Room Doors whether these be integrated or surface mounted, allowing you to customize and personalize your own self-build Cold Room. We also offer the Split Refrigeration Units and the Pipe Package should this be specifically what you are looking for. A self-build Cold Room is the best route if you have a particular position where the Cold Room needs to be situated or if space is limited, but by having these as a self-build option then it works great for any refurbishment work that also needs to be done.

Materials, components, and spares are available for new Self-Build Cold Rooms and refurbishments. Order your parts online now or call the Corner Fridge team on +44 (0)1302 759 308 for help and advice to ensure your order is complete and will do exactly what you want. More details can be found here on the ‘Bespoke Cold Room‘ page.

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