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Trouble-shooting Guide

In the unlikely event that your appliance develops a fault, rest assured that with one simple telephone call, your appliance will be up and running again within a short space of time. Whether your Corner Fridge is in warranty or not, call us on +44 (0) 1302 759308.

For older fridges and pantries with a ‘vertical’ refrigeration unit that are still going strong, we have the following downloadable documents which may be useful:-

Corner Fridge and Two Door Fridge Basic Repairs (35Kb) How to replace the rivets in your Roros fridge (35KB)

Please also be aware, there are some circumstances beyond our control, such as severe hot weather conditions, when excess condensation may collect in a puddle on the floor of the fridge, or the unit is dripping water. These situations usually resolve themselves when severe hot weather conditions cool down, or when the condensate drain in the unit is unblocked.

For your convenience, please read this trouble-shooting guide carefully to see if you can resolve the situation yourself without needing to call one of our engineers. If at any time you have concerns, please call us on +44 (0) 1302 759308.

Trouble-Shooting Guide 09042021

Video Guides

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