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Care & Protect


As the proud owner of a wine collection being protected by our conditioning units and cabinets, it is important you are aware of what your equipment needs in order to maximise energy efficiency and ensure optimum performance for many years.

Here are 3 priorities for you to keep in mind…

Air Flow and Ventilation

Ventilation is at the heart of your cool storage solution

Always, always, make sure that all air vents are clean and not blocked or the airflow obstructed in any way.

Those inconspicuous pieces of steel, wood or plastic with grilles must have free and easy access to air, whether they are at floor level or close to the ceiling.

Whether they are pulling air in, or pushing air out, circulation and free dispersal of air is essential.

Avoid placing furniture, luggage or other items close to an air vent. This is even more important for larger installations where parts of the cooling system are located elsewhere in the property, or outside.

Air Filters – quarterly checks and annual renewals

For optimum performance and hygienic air-flow

Out of sight and easily forgotten, clean air filters are critical to excellent performance and longevity of your equipment.  Your Corner Fridge appliance is built to a high specification, and as with many premium luxury products, from cars to watches, a little extra care and attention ensures you get the performance delivery you deserve.

It takes a minute or 2, once every 3 months. If you aren’t sure where the air filter is in your fridge or WILF, call us and we’ll help you locate it or you can take a look at the product information elsewhere on this website to find the information you need.

Filters can be cleaned using normal domestic cleaning items like a hoover or a medium soft brush. If it takes much more than a minute to clean, then the recommendation is to clean off what you can, order a replacement filter and fit it as soon as possible.

Use our Filter Reminder Form below to confirm when your fridge was purchased and we’ll send you an email reminder three weeks before a new filter is required.


A hygienic, air-cooled, damp-proof, insulated and sealed environment to protect your food, drink and produce.

You’re investing in a purpose-designed cool storage solution for peace of mind and to ensure the quality of your premium goods remain protected and healthy to consume and enjoy.  It’s reassuring to know you have put measures in place for comfort, convenience, flexibility and long-term control.

It’s nice to be able to forget about it.

Depending on your house-keeping style and routines, we strongly suggest that once a year you check the door seals and the door hinges to ensure they are in excellent condition and still providing that all-important all-round seal.  If you have any concerns at any point, just call the Team on +44 1302 759308.

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