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Compact refrigeration units are ideal for use in cold rooms and custom-built fridges.  They have a proven track record of excellent reliability, consistent temperature control and low maintenance.  These units are also low noise, energy efficient and easy to install.

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Please note when purchasing this replacement unit for your Corner Fridge you will also need to purchase our LED Light;
Buy Cool Room LED Light with the Corner Fridge

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This compact unit is perfect for replacing the cooling units in the older Roros Corner Fridges and cold rooms or pantries up to 8m3 in size.

The unit is simply and securely attached to the inside wall of a corner fridge or cold room with 4 screws.  The unit also has a socket so that the interior motion sensor light (available separately) can be installed in the corner fridge or inside the cold room as well.

A plastic cover is provided with the unit to ensure efficient airflow, fitted to the warm side (outside wall/partition) of the cold room or fridge.


The easy-access carbon filter is designed to be cleaned by hoover or soft brush once every 2 – 3 months, and needs to be replaced every 12 months.

TC6 unit does not require drainage.

Dimensions & Technical Specifications:

  • WxDxH  475 x 230 x 787mm
  • Aperture in wall: 440mm x 740mm
  • Thermostat setting: 3-12°C
  • Normal ambient operating temperature range: 16 – 27°C


**Please note that replacement units and spare parts are sold with 12 months guarantee from date of purchase**

Sounds and noises from your appliance

With the introduction of eco-friendly gases in modern fridge units, the design of refrigeration systems has undergone changes to accommodate these new gases. As a result, there are instances where sounds emitted by newer fridges, particularly those purchased since around 2019, may appear to be more noticeable, and gurgling noises may occur more frequently. However, this is completely normal, and as users become accustomed to it over a week or two, it becomes like any other familiar household sound in the background.

If you have any concerns about the noises you notice coming from your Corner Fridge product, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +44 1302 759308. Our team will be happy to address your concerns and provide reassurance.



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Unit Type

EC10, EC10VIN, TC6, TL16