Flower Fridges

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Premium Flower Care

Here at Corner Fridge, we don’t just care for your food and health – we care for your flowers. With our state of the art Flower Fridges, we can ensure your flowers stay fresh and healthy for longer. These fridges have been specifically crafted and designed for florists.

Reliable Temperature

These fridges are equipped with the optimum temperature to help flowers flourish and grow healthily. They are given the correct humidity levels to ensure they are of the highest quality for your business.

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Easy to Use

Flower Fridges from the Corner Fridge team are designed to be easy to operate and maintain, to ensure you get the best use out of it for you and your business.

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Perfect for Florists

This is the perfect storage medium for florists who are passionate about their occupation. With premium technology, we can assure you quality control to the highest standard.