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  • Near-Zero Electrosmog = Comfort
  • Combined Infra-red and convection heating = Healthier Air
  • Solaris Technology = Low-cost, Energy-efficient, User-Controlled, Eco-friendly heating

Smart Technology

Solaris technology combines the comfort of infra-red radiation and the heat of natural convection in a single product.

How are Solaris Radiators different?

  • Heat is radiated evenly and outwards, into the room.
  • Radiators are equipped with OHDS (Optimal Heating Distribution System) which allows the 5 zones of the radiator to release heat until the desired room temperature is reached.
  • Each of the 5 zones in the radiator is self-regulating; it only uses the energy needed to achieve the required room temperature.
  • The nature of infra-red heating allows solid items like furniture, walls and people to absorb some of the heat without heating dust and air particles.  This is the most important aspect of how Solaris radiators allow you to live and breathe in a healthier atmosphere.
  • High density glass provides excellent heat accumulation which is far superior to conventional heat conducting materials.

Solaris Heat Distribution Diagram Grad

Please call us for assistance to calculate how many, and which size radiators you need.  Please measure the length, width and height of the rooms where you need heating and we will help you make your selections.

You can call us on +44 (1302 759308)

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All radiators are manufactured to order with quality control measures at every phase to ensure a meticulous finish.

Our glass radiators are heat accumulators that radiate heat evenly without moving the air so avoiding temperature in layers and dust movement. With unparalleled radiating capacity and uniform heat from floor to ceiling, the gentle warmth doesn’t dry the air or stir up dust particles, so the air is pure and healthy with a remarkable air quality for even more comfort and calmness.

Not only does glass have great heat storing ability, with Solaris glass radiators you also have a choice of heating controls.

  1. Using integrated thermostats with or without a Solaris Gateway to allow control via an app on your Wi-Fi device
  2. Using wireless thermostats in each room allows remote control of each radiator in the room from your Wi-Fi device

Temperature Control Integrated Stats

Temperature Control Wireless Wifi Stats

When you know the size of your room and the heating power needed, you can select from the following sizes:

Solaris Horizontal Glass Radiator

Our high-gloss enamelled glass radiators are available in a carefully selected range of neutral colours. In addition, your radiator can remain inconspicuous with a perfect mirror finish, or you can opt for a matte finish in the ‘Soft Touch’ range.

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Additional information


Beige, Black, Dark Grey, Extra White, Mirrored, White with Green reflection


63, 105, 125, 145, 150, 80

Power (watt)

1000, 1200, 1500, 450, 550, 750


105cm, 50cm, 75cm, 80cm, 45cm, 63cm


Evolution – Enamelled Glass, Soft Touch – Satin Glass