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Five More Creative Ways to Organise Your Refrigerator

Weekly Food Rotation: Over the course of use, many foods can get pushed to the back of a shelf and forgotten about, so at the end of every week, before going to the supermarket and grocers to restock, make sure that you rotate all of the remaining food within the refrigerator to the front. First of all, this will help you to see what is left and usable in the following week, reducing the chance to over purchase items which you already have and can be used.

Taking a photo of the contents before a shop will also be a quick and easy method of remembering what food is leftover. Building upon this step, having an allocated ‘First to Eat’ Box would help prevent spending money needlessly and creating surplus wastage. An added extra is that leaving food from this Box to go off will highlight any food type which you may be buying superfluously in the store and not actually wanting to eat it whenever you cook.

Egg Maintenance: Are eggs a staple of your diet? Many people use this tasty food as their go-to food for breakfast, but there is nothing worse than breaking one open to find the contents discoloured and expired. It is important to keep each egg fresh and safe from damage by placing them in an airtight container, with a specific spot designated for each egg.Egg carton with 2 eggs at the front

Ensuring your stock of eggs is protected from absorbing external odours and safeguarded from potential droppages will save a lot of headaches and make a noticeable difference in the taste and quality of whatever dish they are included in.

Storing eggs on the coolest, middle shelf of a refrigeration unit will prolong freshness and guarantee the eggs conditions for frying, scrambling, boiling or poaching.

Utilise Glass Mason and Weck Jars: Mason jars are a brilliant way to store various foods, enabling them to be removed from the packaging but keeping them just as preserved. These jars come with a plethora of benefits, with one of the most striking being how aesthetically appealing they are. Putting in various fruit and vegetables into jars will highlight their colourful nature to anyone who opens the refrigerator door. For anybody who enjoys organic nutrition there comes a significant degree of satisfaction from being able to see your weekly food shop looking colourful and fresh.Mason Jar - Salad pepper

Being able to clearly see your food will also help you spot the condition of your produce immediately with any food which is beginning to rot instantly being addressed. Weck Jars provide strong sealing abilities which will make any perishable food stored within them last longer than the plastic packaging which most food is originally packaged in.

These jars are also healthier for consumers due to glass being a non-porous material which dirt struggles to attach to, and better for the environment as they prevent further non-biodegradable plastic from being thrown out as waste.

Use a Food Inventory Phone App: Being able to track what groceries are in your fridge or freezer will help you keep track of numerous items which will all have their own expiration dates. This will allow any home cooker to plan their meals in advance, and for those that lack time to be creative in their cooking endeavours there are apps such as Epicurious which has a search function that will account for all of the ingredients left in your refrigeration unit and build a recipe from all of the items. This specific app has a database of over 30,000 recipes which compiled from various food institutes.

Fridge Check is another app which suggests recipes and meals based upon what it available in your kitchen and fridge. Following three simple steps will help any homeowner make use of the ingredients they have at hand; the first step is delegating what food is available, followed by choosing what meal you would like to make, and finally stating how much time you have to prepare your meal. As with Epicurious, once this has been done a list of recipes will be displayed based upon the input data, with the added options of being able to blacklist any items which you, or a family member, may be allergic to.

Hanging Refrigerator Baskets and Magnetic Tins: Fridges, both large and small, can benefit from having magnetic containers attached to the interior side of a unit. Whilst large fridge owners may think these are unnecessary due to the substantial interior dimensions, however, the utility of these hanging containers are for holding smaller items which may otherwise become lost, hidden behind larger food and drink products. As well, rather than having to dig around for finicky objects they can be placed at eye line levels to ensure they are easy to reach.