Welcome to the Corner Fridge Company - for the very best in fridges

Unique and innovative fridges and refrigeration products, including the ultimate version of the legendary ‘Corner fridge’ from The Corner Fridge Company.

For the ultimate in refrigeration products, the Corner Fridge Company is second to none for quality and innovation. We offer a wide range of fridges such as the famous Corner Fridge, and fridges that can be integrated within your kitchen, such as Integrated Cold Rooms, Integrated Wine Cabinets and now Bespoke Cold Rooms, as well as equipment to Build Your Own Cold Rooms.

Whether you prefer stand-alone or integrated units in your kitchen, we have the solution for you. We have taken into account hygiene, user-friendliness, quality and quick and easy installation - all with the intention of providing you with the best refrigeration experience.

We have the perfect fridge for you and your household no matter the size of your kitchen or the area you want your Cold Room. For the Corner Fridge, all you need is 1m2 space, which can often be found unused in the corner of your kitchen. Why not take a look at the Corner Fridge now?

The range from the Corner Fridge Company is continually growing so take a look at what we now have to offer. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01302 759308.   Our phone lines are open from 8am – 10pm (Mon Fri) and 9am – 5pm (Sat – Sun).

For other products that defy convention please visit our other site www.winecorner.co.uk