Solaris Radiators

They’re so cool, they’re hot!
Radiators you’ll
LOVE on your wall
Mains powered,
no plumbing!
Great choice of colour, size and power output
High gloss, mirror
or satin finish
Scientific heat radiation – keeps air healthy

You can keep your living space warm and looking great with Solaris Glass Radiators. Perfect for rooms where extensions to your central heating could be problematic.

The Solaris Glass Radiators have been scientifically developed to have exceptional heat storing capabilities. This means that the heat radiates evenly along its length and breadth, from floor to ceiling. Incredibly, the gentle radiation of warmth keeps the atmosphere healthy with minimal disturbance of dust and maintenance of optimum humidity levels. Great news for rooms where you may need to spend quite a lot of your time.

Aesthetically, the Solaris Glass Radiators provide a superb finishing touch to any room, available in a wide range of colours, sizes and power levels. There are models to suit your home, office, nursery, apartment, hotel, in fact, any room in your home or venue. The Evolution Range is Enamelled Glass, and the Soft Touch Range is glass with a beautiful satin finish. The radiator could be a ‘statement’ piece as part of your interior design, or you might want it to ‘disappear’ into the décor. As one of our customers told us, ‘it’s so good, we just don’t notice or see it anymore, it blends in perfectly!’

Complete with thermostatic control, it’s quick and easy to set the required temperature with the press of a single button.

Solaris Glass Radiators


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Solaris Chrome Towel Rail


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