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Replacement refrigeration units are available for Corner Fridge products and cold rooms.  The unit in the image above is a suitable replacement unit for products installed before 2014.

If you’d like help and advice on which unit you need, please call the Corner Fridge Team on 03333 702547.

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All Refrigeration Units will experience a lot of wear over the course of their functional lifetime and at times it is necessary to replace certain parts of a unit completely. Replacement refrigeration units are available for Corner Fridge Products and Cold Rooms. This Replacement Refrigeration Unit uses a filter that needs to be replaced every 12 months to ensure clean and efficient operation of your Fridge or Cold Room. Alongside this unit, we at Corner Fridge Company offer replacement door seals for you Corner Fridge, Integrated Cold Room and Freestanding Cold Room. Keep in mind that looking after your fridge is vital to ensuring your own unit keeps within its warranty and it is vital to clean your filter every three months with a replacement being needs, as mentioned earlier, every 12 months. Please note that we will check your filter purchase against your fridge purchase to ensure you have bought the correct filter for your fridge before dispatching it to you. All fridges which have been purchased from January 2014 onwards will have a charcoal filter and although they should be cleaned on a regular basis they will usually only require a replacement every 5 years.

To discuss your Refrigeration Replacement needs please call our Corner Fridge team on +44 (0)1302 759 308 so we can get the right fit for you.

You can find out more about compact refrigeration units here, and split units here.

** Please note that replacement units and spare parts are sold with 12 months warranty **