Replacement Refrigeration Unit


Replacement refrigeration units are available for Corner Fridge products and cold rooms.  The unit in the image above is a suitable replacement unit for products installed before 2014.

If you’d like help and advice on which unit you need, please call the Corner Fridge Team on 01302 759308.

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All Refrigeration Units supplied and installed by Corner Fridge are designed for durability.  There comes a time though when their serviceable life will be reached, and a replacement unit is needed.  This replacement refrigeration unit is a direct swap-out unit for fridges and cold rooms fitted with a Fondis/Roros unit.  If you’re not sure if this is the model you need, please call us on 01302 759308 to check this unit is correct for your fridge or cold room.

All new refrigeration units use a filter that needs to be cleaned every 3 months and replaced every 12 months to ensure clean and efficient operation of your Fridge or Cold Room.

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** Please note that replacement units and spare parts are sold with 12 months warranty **