Walk-In Larder Fridge – Integrated



Integrated Walk-In Larder Fridges provide spacious and hygienic air-cooled storage at the perfect temperature for all your perishable food and drink.  It’s a dream being able to step inside dedicated storage space that you can organise to your heart’s content.  It’s easier to see what you have and what needs replenishing, and the easy-reach shelving means there is ample space to store prepared dishes and platters.

Space is such a valuable asset – having room to move reduces stress and makes family life and entertaining so much easier and more enjoyable.  The convenience factor is unbeatable!

For those of you who love sleek interior design, this amazing facility is hidden from view because it can be fully integrated with your kitchen furniture, see picture below:

Here is an example of a fully integrated Walk-In Larder Fridge (to the right of the image)

When it comes to creating a ‘zen’ atmosphere, you have two choices of cooling unit:

  1. The Compact Unit which has extremely low noise levels
  2. The Split Unit which has even lower noise levels because the refrigeration unit is installed a few metres away from the WILF

It may seem difficult to believe just how easy it is to have a WILF in your kitchen, so if you would like to find out more, then please give us a call on 01302 759308 – we’re also very happy to speak with your kitchen or interior designer too!

Sample plans of standard WILFs – (doors can be left or right opening)




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