What is a Cold Room?

A Cold Room is the largest type of refrigeration unit available which can be used within any kitchen setting or even in external locations. As the name indicates, a ‘Cold Room’ is a room that has a lower temperature than a normal room, however, this does not mean that it is comparable to a room in which the windows have been left open during a cold night. Instead it is a unit designed to control its internal temperature with high quality insulation to prevent unwarranted fluctuations in the Cold Rooms conditions.

Cold Room are often utilised by businesses (typically within the hospitality and food industry) or large households to store large quantities of food, which would not be possible when using a standard fridge. If you, or your business, need to ensure a large number of items are chilled, then a Cold Room could be exactly what you are looking for.

Why Should I Consider Buying a Cold Room?

There are numerous advantages to having a Cold Room installed into your premises, and if planned for, will provide an excellent return on investment. The following factors demonstrate the ways in which a Cold Room can benefit you:

  • Large Internal Capacity: Due to the internal dimensions of a Cold Room being so large it is more economical to run a single Cold Room in comparison to several smaller fridges. Having this unit will mean that there will no longer be a need to purchase, maintain and clean multiple units which you would otherwise require. In addition, you will not need to go on as many shopping trips as you can buy your food stocks in volume and this stock will stay fresher for longer.
  • Improves Stock Distribution: For businesses in industries such as catering it is vital to keep track of food conditions and expiration dates, as well as retaining an orderly view and inventory to optimise usage. Due to their size and layout, Cold Rooms make it far easier to rotate and organise food stores ensuring efficiency and preventing any frustration which may be felt when trying to organise the contents.
  • Location Flexibility: It is possible to position a Bespoke Cold Room almost anywhere, so long as there is sufficient space to install it. For domestic placements there is the option of designing a custom-built unit which can be fully integrated with any kitchen design and layout. Many of these units are located outside, making way for more room in a kitchen to cook or use additional preparation machines. If installed in an external area then the Cold Room will require weather proofing to ensure longevity.
  • Protected and Dependable: Since the potential cost of a Cold Rooms contents can be substantial, all units have features installed to prevent any unnecessary impairment from the external environment or potential theft.
  • Time: Due to bulk purchases being a legitimate option it also means the fresh produce and contents you purchase will stay fresher for longer due to the controlled environment, resulting in less food wastage.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Cold rooms ensure an exceptionally hygienic solution for food storage, due to their large interior it will be possible to properly separate all food types, including meats, ensuring that even if one batch of content spoils it will not be in close enough proximity to affect anything else stored. Both individual wellbeing and money will improved as a result.

Chef Aly holding a cucumber and celery with an open cold room behind him

What Types of Cold Rooms does Corner Fridge Offer?

One of the best attributes about getting a Cold Room is that they can be made to match your specific requirements, whatever they may be. Accordingly, it is possible to have a standalone Cold Room, or one which is integrated into your house. Corner Fridge offers the following variations:


  • Integrated Cold Room: A unit with complete temperature control, bringing greater convenience to its owner, whilst leaving the style of your kitchen undisturbed. This specification can be ordered with a standard width of 1200mm to guarantee an easy installation for most kitchen unit manufacturers, alongside being able to put it as deep within a wall as you desire. Unique variants specific to Corner Fridge also include:
    • Split Cold Rooms
    • Compact Cold Rooms

These rooms can be built to have the external appearance of a cupboard/wall installation and have a ‘Walk In’ setting. Retaining an even temperature of 5°C with easy to reach shelving means that everyday use becomes easier than ever before!

  • Freestanding Cold Room: A compromise between a large fridge and an integrated Cold Room, ideal for those who need to store large amounts of food in a location separate from the kitchen. An additional option of installing split unit refrigeration add-ons provide a wider degree of adaptability.
  • Bespoke/Build Your Own Cold Room: A tailor made unit which can be designed to fit in any location you desire. Depending on whether you require a smaller unit, or one which encompasses a room, by providing your individual specifications it is possible to be a completely unique Cold Room that you can proudly claim as yours, and only yours.

If the items above have piqued your interest and you need greater refrigeration capabilities then a Cold Room may very well be the answer to your problems. Corner Fridge uses superior materials in comparison to standard manufacturers and the leading technology utilised ensures a first-class product is provided which exceeds your expectations.

To discuss any queries you may have regarding Cold Rooms, their capabilities and what type of model would be ideal for you, call our Team on 03333 702 547.