Having a larder in the kitchen, or adjacent to it, is an age old concept borne out of necessity that has worked for centuries.  But that was before ‘fitted kitchens’ came along, and along side it, large scale housing developments and electric appliances such as the fridge.  Larders were no longer thought of as a necessity.

Then central heating, double-glazing and insulation made our homes warmer, and ready-made food and bulk purchases mean our fridges are now usually packed and with minimal air flow, losing their efficiency in keeping food fresh.

Ahead of the game though, was the British Corner Fridge Company Ltd.  Nearly 20 years ago, these specialists in the kitchen and refrigeration industry came up with the concept of a fridge that does 3 things that no other fridge on the market can do:

  1.  It fits in the corner of the kitchen, making efficient and ergonomic use of space that is usually neglected or badly designed
  2. The fridge cooling system is effectively an air-conditioning unit controlling air flow, humidity and temperature
  3. Dry ingredients and flowers can be stored in the Corner Fridge, giving the added functionality of a traditional larder or pantry

Corner Fridge Company Ltd, with an injection of Italian design flair, made sure that the fridge can be fully integrated into any kitchen design.  The massive storage capacity means that fewer shopping trips are needed and households can take advantage of bulk purchases.  All food and drink is in one place, allowing cupboard space in the rest of the kitchen to be used more effectively.

It can easily be considered a lifestyle enhancer, and with it’s air circulation technology and A+ energy rating, an energy and food saver too.

The Corner Fridge offers a capacious 1,300 litre capacity (roughly 3 x times that of a tall or ‘American’ style refrigerator), with 4 stainless steel adjustable shelves.  If you can imagine at least 16 loaves of bread on one shelf, that’s how big it is, but you could store another layer on top!  Then multiply that by 3, (or 4 if you include the full area of the floor space), and that gives you an idea of how much space is perfectly cooled ready to keep all your dry ingredients, fresh food and drink.

Corner Fridge Full and Empty with Open Door