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The Corner Fridge

The Corner Fridge is the ultimate home necessity. It offers a wide range of space, using innovative materials which ensures it can be integrated into any kitchen, new or old. You can save money, time, space and energy as the Corner Fridge allows you to keep food longer. More space; less waste.

World-Class Energy

With A+ Energy, you are guaranteed optimal performance from the Corner Fridge. Due to the nature of the Corner Fridge’s build, you have more cupboard space which allows you to organise and enjoy your other luxury appliances.

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Incredible Storage

The Corner Fridge offers you an optimum way of storing your meat, fruit, vegetables and drinks with our premium shelving and temperature technology help you store more and keep everything fresher for longer.

Build Quality Guarantee

The quality of our Corner Fridge is to a premium standard to ensure you get the most out of its life while it resides in your kitchen. 

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“Wine Corner transformed my garage into a very respectable wine store with the minimum of fuss. They worked really hard and did a very nice job, carpentry, plastering, electrics and decorating. We are delighted with the result and are very happy to recommend them.”

“If you collect wine as well as drinking it, you need the correct place to store it. Wine Corner have the knowledge and products to create wine cellars from scratch and I can recommend both the company and the people. 100% service and excellent end result.”

“Wine Corner know their products and the specialized wine storage industry in great detail. They tell you ‘how it is’ and you know exactly where you stand. They are also very accommodating, they come up with some great ideas and we found them to be totally reliable. Very pleased.”

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Perfect for Chefs

Chefs have purchased and used the Corner Fridge for their own occupation and have loved it. It helps keep their high quality ingredients fresh in the high-quality Corner Fridge.