Unwanted drips, trickles and puddles…?

It can happen to any fridge, anywhere in the world.

There are some things in life that we can’t control, like the weather.  There are times when periods of hot weather create high humidity in the atmosphere for a few days, making us feel uncomfortable and making our fridges and air-conditioning units work overtime.

They are designed to cope with short periods of ‘high demand’ so this isn’t anything to worry about if the appliances are well-maintained with clean dust filters and good ventilation.

There is an annoying side-effect of high humidity which is condensation.  Again, appliances are designed to deal with condensation, a certain level of condensation that can be expected under normal operating conditions (weather / atmospheric conditions).  However, for short periods of time when there are high levels of humidity, condensation might collect in additional places in or on the appliance, or reservoirs designed to collect ‘condensate’, might overflow.

If this happens in your appliance, please take some comfort in the fact that condensation takes time to form, and it’s more of a case of mopping up for a day or two than having to call out the fire brigade and install flood defences.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the movie which explains what happens and what you can do to control the situation.

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